Coping With the Loss of a Loved One

Grief is a continuing process of mourning as one learns to cope with the loss of a loved one. When someone close to you dies, it is common to find yourself in a complex array of emotions and responses. Losing someone can be a very overwhelming and painful experience, leaving behind psychological, physical and social [...]

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The Five Love Languages – Do They Affect How We Respond?

They say there are five key love languages that we all operate in. Each of these love languages is described or thought of as ways of meeting others emotional needs as well as our own. In other words, they are ways of communicating our love and respect to one another. Think of a love language [...]

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Depression: Finding the right treatment method

Surviving Depression I've struggled with depression for as long as I can remember. Even as a young child I felt a general sense of despair knowing that life would someday end; I was all too aware of its finite nature. I’m not exactly sure where this awareness or feeling came [...]

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How to offer empathy when facing anger

Here at Compass Community Counseling we are located in the pacific northwest. While normally this is a statement filled with pride, as we reside in my biased opinion of one the most beautiful areas of the country, and safest, recently we have been overcome with devastating fires. We have lived in extremely smokey conditions while [...]

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Why is Empathy Important?

Understanding Why You Need Empathy As a marriage and family therapist, it isn’t uncommon to bear witness to the inner webs of conflict, arguments, relationship dissatisfaction and infidelity. Many couples begin the therapy process because they just can’t seem to communicate effectively. While there are many reasons that this occurs, one reason that is often [...]

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