3 Tips to Improve Communication

It isn’t uncommon for folks to seek out relationship therapy to discuss ways to improve their communication within their marriage, with their children, or even in the workplace. We have outlined three tips to help you get on the right track, improve your communication, allow for increased depth and overall satisfaction in your relationships. State [...]

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13 Questions

13 Questions to ask your teen after watching 13 Reasons Why The new Netflix series popular among teens seems to be what all the kids are talking about from 5th grade to high school if you haven’t heard of 13 Reasons Why then you must be living under a rock. This is the hottest show among adolescents right now [...]

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When you Divorce your Children

4 Ways to Support your Child Divorce happens. It is more common than we may wish to think; statistically about 45% of couples divorce. Does this seem like a high rate to you? It actually hasn’t changed much in recent years. Regardless of the reason for the dissolution of your marriage, it is important to [...]

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