5 Tips For Building A Healthy Marriage

Marriage takes work! It’s not always easy. Learning to work together as you learn more and more about the other person is a journey. It doesn’t happen overnight! Falling in love is the easy part. Keeping the flame burning, is where most of us get caught up. Life is busy. Having children presents challenges. Our [...]

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7 Good Reasons To Seek Marriage Counseling

When Should You Seek Marriage Counseling? You may be asking yourself if marriage counseling is actually worth it? If it will even help or possibly even save your relationship? Or maybe you’re wondering if the issues in your marriage are reason enough to seek marriage counseling? There are a lot of questions people have when [...]

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The Five Love Languages – Do They Affect How We Respond?

They say there are five key love languages that we all operate in. Each of these love languages is described or thought of as ways of meeting others emotional needs as well as our own. In other words, they are ways of communicating our love and respect to one another. Think of a love language [...]

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Misconceptions of Affairs, Infidelity and Cheating

So often I am seeing clients who have experienced some sort of infidelity, some physical affairs, some emotional or online affairs, or fantasies. As I browse the internet reading research and recent blog posts I am bombarded with questions, and topics related to infidelity. What is happening? Why are affair so prevalent? We can make [...]

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3 Tips to Improve Communication

It isn’t uncommon for folks to seek out relationship therapy to discuss ways to improve their communication within their marriage, with their children, or even in the workplace. We have outlined three tips to help you get on the right track, improve your communication, allow for increased depth and overall satisfaction in your relationships. State [...]

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Connecting with your spouse

6 Great ways that YOU can Connect with your Spouse In a world of go, go go, and have it your way it is harder than ever to stay connected to those we love and care so much about. If you think I’m wrong just walk into a restaurant and look around. You will see [...]

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