How to offer empathy when facing anger

Here at Compass Community Counseling we are located in the pacific northwest. While normally this is a statement filled with pride, as we reside in my biased opinion of one the most beautiful areas of the country, and safest, recently we have been overcome with devastating fires. We have lived in extremely smokey conditions while [...]

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When you Divorce your Children

4 Ways to Support your Child Divorce happens. It is more common than we may wish to think; statistically about 45% of couples divorce. Does this seem like a high rate to you? It actually hasn’t changed much in recent years. Regardless of the reason for the dissolution of your marriage, it is important to [...]

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Why is Empathy Important?

Understanding Why You Need Empathy As a marriage and family therapist, it isn’t uncommon to bear witness to the inner webs of conflict, arguments, relationship dissatisfaction and infidelity. Many couples begin the therapy process because they just can’t seem to communicate effectively. While there are many reasons that this occurs, one reason that is often [...]

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Choosing a Counselor

How to find a great therapist/counselor It’s pretty easy to find any counselor/therapist but it might be more difficult to find one that is right for you. The single most important factor in determining the right therapist for you has nothing to do with years of training or modality of treatment. It is something more [...]

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Connecting with your spouse

6 Great ways that YOU can Connect with your Spouse In a world of go, go go, and have it your way it is harder than ever to stay connected to those we love and care so much about. If you think I’m wrong just walk into a restaurant and look around. You will see [...]

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Who I am and why I’m here

Erica London I thought it would be best to start my blogging with “who I am and why I am here.” I almost think this is a loaded question really because as a therapist this could get deep real quick! You will soon learn if you don’t know already that I am pretty straightforward and [...]

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