Counseling for Kids & Teens With Behavior Issues

When children and teens have behavior issues it can be stressful and draining emotionally and physically for everyone. When children have behavior issues it can look like they are being defiant towards you a parent, teachers, or authority figures. They might be refusing to do simple tasks such as showering, going to bed, or going to school. In teens, behavior issues can look like them skipping school, trying drugs, changing friends group unexpectedly, engaging in risky behaviors, or refusing to follow parent or teacher directions.

If your child or teen is experiencing behavior issues such as the one listed above or any other behavior issues counseling can help. We are here to help you and your child or teen resolve these behavioral issues.

“We were exhausted and at our wits end, counseling saved our relationship.”

Your child will benefit from counseling for behavior issues if…..

  • Your child or teen seems “out of control.”

  • Your child or teen refuses to follow expectations or boundaries.

  • Experience stress and can’t express how they are feeling.

  • Your child has behavior issues you don’t how to manage.

  • You and your child or teen argue or fight often.

We will help you and your child or teen experience a healthier, happier life. Through increased connections and understanding we will help your child or teen learn the tools they need to have a successful childhood. Call today to get started.

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