Counseling for Kids & Teens Who Have Experienced Bullying

Bullying can happen to any child or teen. Bullying doesn’t just happen at school, it can happen over social media, in your home between siblings, or by family members. The long lasting effects of bullying can cause feelings of inferiority, anxiety, depression, or suicidal thoughts.

If your child or teen has expressed being a bully or has gotten bullied it is important to follow-up and get them into counseling. Every child and teen should feel safe at home and at school.

“Our counselor helped to empower our child to stand up for themselves against being bullied.”

Your child or teen will benefit from counseling if they are experiencing bullying.

Signs your child or teen might be experiencing bullying:

  • Drop in grades from their norm.

  • They are missing personal items.

  • Complain of stomachaches or headaches.

  • Try to get out of going to school or certain places.

  • Behavior has changed dramatically.

Your child and teen deserve to have an ally that will help to empower them to stand up for themselves. We will work on building higher self esteem and confidence.

Through counseling your child will gain increased self image, improved mood, and more positive ways to handle healthy friendships and family relationships.Call today to get started.

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