Counseling for Children & Teens

When parents decide to divorce it doesn’t just impact them it effects everyone. Children and teens aren’t always sure how to handle the news of their parents divorce. Sometimes kids or teens can act out, rebel, or refuse to see or have a relationship with one of the parents that they blame for the divorce

In counseling we will work with your child or teen to express what they are feeling and managing the changes that come with a divorce. We will help your child or teen cope with the divorce, give them tools to express their reactions, and discuss how their new living arrangements will be.

“The counselor at Compass helped our child manage our divorce in the best way possible.”

Your child or teen will benefit from counseling for their parents divorce if…..

  • You need help breaking the new of a divorce to your child or teen.

  • Your child has questions about where they will live, or how the divorce will happen.

  • Child or teen is struggling with their emotions.

  • Your child or teen need help working through the aftermath of the divorce.

  • Your child or teen is struggling with custody or parenting choices.

The first step to helping your child or teen adjust to the news of your divorce is seeking support through counseling. Your child will have a hard time no matter how amicable the divorce.

We will help your child or teen to adjust to the “new normal.” We will also help you and your ex to better understand your child or teen and what they are experiencing as you divorce. Call today to get started.

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