Counseling for Kids and Teens Having School Issues

School issues such as a drastic changes in grades, sudden isolation or withdrawal from school, drama or problems with friends, refusal to go to school, and defiance towards teachers can all be signs that your child or teen is having problems.

When we work with your child or teen who is having school issues we will get to the root cause of the issue. We will help your child or teen to resolve the problem and get back to being successful in school again.

“Counseling helped us understand what was going on at school and we were able to resolve the problem.”

Your child or teen will benefit from counseling if they are having school issues such as…

  • Failing or drop in grades.

  • Acting out in school.

  • Express “hating” school and/or teachers.

  • Skipping school or attendance has decreased.

  • Your child or teen refuses to go to school.

We will help to open up the lines of communication and identify what the problem truly is. Through increased connections and understanding we will help your child or teen learn the tools they need to be successful in school. Call today to get started.

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