Counseling for Children & Teens who Self Harm

Self harm is a behavior such as cutting, burning, head banging that adults, teens, and children engage in to intentionally and repeatedly harm themselves. Research shows that self harming behaviors tend to be higher in teens.

Children and teens often express that they engage in self harm because it’s how they can express their emotions, manage stress, control and anger. They often try to keep their self harming behaviors a secret. This impacts relationships with family and friends.

“I learned that I didn’t have to hurt myself anymore to feel something.”

Your child or teen will benefit from counseling if…..

  • Engaging in cutting, burning, scratching, hitting, or head banging,

  • Your child or teen seems to cover their body in a secretive way.

  • Unexplained cuts, bruises, burns, or bald patches on their head.

  • Low or depressed mood.

  • Spending more time online, isolating themselves.

It’s important to know that self harm isn’t the same thing as suicidal thoughts or behaviors. Kids or teens that engage in self harm aren’t usually trying to kill themselves. Self harm is usually about a way for your child or teen to express their emotion however, they are doing it in a negative, unhealthy way.

We will help your child or teen experience a more positive self image and increased self confidence. Counseling will teach them how to express their hurts, pains, stresses, and worries in a healthy and controlled way. Call today to get started.

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