Counseling for Children and Teens with Stress

Just like adults, kids and teens experience stress. Even young children and infants can experience stress. Stress can come from family, friends, school, parent/child separation, academic and social pressures. No matter the age if you’re feeling overwhelmed this can be creating stress.

At Compass, we believe that stress doesn’t have to overpower your child or teens life, and together we can work through underlying issues and reach an end goal to reduce stress for your child and teen.

“Counseling helped my kid handle their stress by figuring out what was causing it.”

Your child or teen will benefit from counseling if…..

    • They are experiencing mood swings, acting out, sleeping issues, or bedwetting.

    • Have physical effects such as stomachaches, head aches, or body pains.

    • Noticeable change in withdrawing from friends, family, or school.

    • Younger kids may start thumb sucking, bedwetting, have nightmares, or be clingy.

Whether your child or teen is experiencing symptoms of stress for the first time, or they have experienced symptoms of stress most of their life, the counselors and therapists at Compass can help.

We will help you experience a holistic approach to managing your child or teens stress. Through increased connections and understanding your child or teen will learn that a life free of stress and worry can exist. Call today to get started.

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