Counseling & Therapy for Teens

Teens experience all kinds of ups and downs. Managing the pressures of school, friends, family, and life can be overwhelming. It’s not uncommon for teens to struggle with their parents. Sometimes teens just need a safe, neutral person such as a counselor or therapist to talk things through without judgement can be helpful.

As a parent you might be feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and unsure how to help your teen. At Compass we understand. Transition to the teenage years can be challenging. We will help your teen and your family get back on track.

“Therapy helped me to have better self esteem.”

Your teen will benefit from counseling for teens if…..

  • They are feeling alone, overwhelmed, exhausted, depressed or anxious.

  • Have low self esteem or self respect..

  • Experienced traumatic event or loss.

  • Your teen has behavior issues you don’t how to manage.

  • Your teen is struggling with friends, school, or family.

We will help you and your teen to reduce conflict and learn how to cope with their emotions in a healthy and productive way. Through increased connections and understanding we will help your teen learn the tools they need. Call today to get started.

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