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This service is for you if you are wanting help balancing nutrition and addressing health challenges throughout your pregnancy, need advice or assistance planning your birth and postpartum period (including coming up with a plan for identifying needs and support after baby comes home), are having difficult “bouncing back” after baby and you’re not sure where to start or how to feel better.

As a board certified pediatric nurse with the ANCC, Andrea is able to provide 1 on 1 pediatric health advise according to national guidelines to parents, as well as holistic nursing advise.


As an RN, I spent over 10 years working in OB, postpartum, pediatric and NICU populations helping moms and their children with a whole spectrum of challenges.


Being a mom, Andrea has experienced and recovered from postpartum depression and anxiety. She is adept at assessing the warning signs, educating women on what to watch out for, how to ask for help, and steps to prevent complications (emotional and physical) after birth.


You will benefit by having nursing specific support and advise to guide you while while you are working with your doula/midwife/OB for the best emotional/physical outcomes possible. Providing 1:1 parental support to make necessary lifestyle changes to benefit the health of the whole family.

Why We Are Unique

In our coaching for pediatric health we will work with parents on addressing the underlying physiological reasons for behavior issues, including looking at diet and specific nutrient deficiencies.

Nurse coaching is a results-oriented and structured client interaction that is provided by Registered Nurses for the purpose of achieving health goals.

What Clients Are Saying

“Andrea has been a supportive coach in my life since the birth of my first child over three years ago. I have relied on her advice and guidance when it comes to the health of my growing family and my own growth as a person.”

“I feel better physically than I did before I started working with Andrea, even after having another baby! I recommend coaching with Andrea to all of my friends looking for support in navigating their health needs”

“I have used Andrea as a resource for both my boys and myself since my first son was born over three years ago. She always takes her time in understanding my concerns whether they are health concerns, understanding testing or treatment a doctor has ordered, looking for a natural remedy for a specific issue, understanding how the body works at every level and how things are connected.”

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