Counseling Services

We offer a variety of counseling and therapy services for families, couples, adults, children and teens in Vancouver, WA.

At Compass you can talk openly without being judged. Our goal is to help you find balance, moving you forward in the right direction. it is our passion to find strength in people while focusing on the positive.

Our therapists’ have specialized training and years of experience specific to helping individuals, couples, and families improve all areas of their lives through counseling and massage therapy services.We want to ensure you have the best outcome possible.

Counseling Services We Offer for Adults


If you have worry, fear, uneasiness, or intrusive thoughts or concerns that are impacting your day to day life, counseling for anxiety might be best for you. 


Having severe highs and lows in your moods that impact sleep, behavior, your thinking, and energy could be bipolar disorder. Let us help you determine if this is happening in your life.

Healthcare Workers



Constant feelings of sadness, loss of interest, deep despair, hopelessness, negative feelings are signs of depression. If you struggle with any or all of these symtpoms counseling for depression can benefit you.


A type of therapy to help you heal from trauma or a distressing life experience. In EMDR you will focus on changing thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that result from these stressful issues.

First Responders

Police officers, medics, EMT’s, firefighters, correctional officers, doctors, nurses, forensic scientists who are one of the first to respond to life and death situations can benefit from counseling to process these often difficult situations.

Guided Imagery & Music (GIM)

Learn to understand life issues through the incorporation of music and guidance of your therapist to take you into a deep relaxed state. GIM can be helpful releaving for stress, anxiety, trauma, and pain.

Major Life Transitions

From a new job, to a move, change in relationship, or loss of a loved one if you are stuggling with any kind of major life transition we can work with you to find peace and purpose not matter the transition.

Pain Management & Athletic Injuries

Being in constant pain, struggling with health issues, having dehibilitating injuries can leave you feeling hopeless and at a loss of what to do. Let us come alongside you to alleviate this burden you carry.

Counseling for Professionals

It can be difficult as a professional to acknowledge when you need help. You are often use to being the one who has all the answers for everyone else. In counseling for professionals you get to just be you and bring to the table anything you want to talk about.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event can often lead to nightmares, flashbacks, anxiety, stress, ad uncontrollable thoughts about the event. In counseling for PTSD we identify if this is happening and make a plan to resolve the core issue.

Veterans & Military

You might be transitioning from military to civilian life, looking for someone who understand military culture, or looking to reclaim your life after a deployment. We have therapists who have additional experience working with military and veterans. 

Spiritual Wellness

Having overall wellness in your mind, body and spirit is what defines whole health wellness. If you are looking for meaning, value, and purpose let one of our therapists or counselors help you find hope, direction, and healing in your life.

Telemental Health or Online Therapy

A form of therapy that uses a secure video platform to provide counseling services or therapy approaches. This allows you to receive therapy or counseling services without having to physically come into our office in Vancouver, WA. 


Have you experienced a life event which causes significant physical and/or emotional injury and distress, or do you experience being overwhelmed, helpless, or trapped? If so, you may be experiencing trauma. Let us help you process through this experience.

Counseling Services We Offer for Couples


One of the most common reasons to seek out couples counseling. We will work to help you feel heard, acknowledged and understood.


Every relationship has its ups and downs, sometimes there is more conflict than usual. It can be difficult to figure out have constructive conflict and to find resolution. We can help.


Sometimes relationships aren’t healthy and there is not a willingness to repair the relationship. In these situations couples often come to counseling to navigate how to divorce. We can work to make things as amicable as possible.

Falling Out of Love

There will be hurt, conflict and disagreement in most relationships. Sometimes when there is more negative than positive we begin to feel like we’ve fallen out of love. Let us help you rekindle that passion again.

Gottman Methods

The Gottman method is a couples therapy approach that is evidenced based. It uses an assessment and sound relationship house to structure the therapy approach.

Infidelity & Affairs

When trust is broken, it can be difficult to repair on your own. We can help you work through the affair or infidelity.

Managing Other Relationships

Being in a relationship is very seldom about two people. There are many relationships such as in-laws, siblings, extended family that impact our intimate partner relationships. Let us help you navigate and manage these complex relationships. 

Money Issues

Money can be one of the hardest things couples have to talk about. We can help you to have these hard conversations and get on the same page with each other.

Nontraditional Relationships

Polyamory, open relationships, and swinging can have their own set of problems and struggles. We offer a safe and open space to work through these struggles you might be having.

Parenting & Children

You might not realize that you and your partner have different parenting styles or that you don’t agree on how to parent. Making the choice to have children can also be a source of tension in a relationship. We can help you have a productive conversation to find resolution.

Premarital Counseling

This is a good platform to discuss all things pre-marriage such as finances, kids, communication, sex, dating, and relationship expectations. We use various approaches to complete premarital counseling with you and your partner.

Counseling Services We Offer for Families


When a family member struggles with addiction everyone is impacted. We work with families like yours to navigate these very difficult situations.

Adult Children

Learning how to have good boundaries with your adult children can be difficult. We can help you learn how to move form a parent child role into a parent and adult child role. 

Blended Families

Blending two families is no easy feat. You have differing parenting styles and children are often not use to the other step parent. Not to mention how difficult step-parenting can be. Let us help you with blending your family in a health and successful way.


Divorce is hard on everyone involved. We can help you learn how to communicate with your ex in a positive way. Help protect your children from unnecessary conflcit between you and your ex.


Communicating between family members can be a struggle. Whether that is between children and parents, extended family, or adult children let us help you learn ways to express what you need in your family relationship.


Counseling provides a safe space to discuss hard things. Sometimes we need a third party to help us have those high conflict discussions that we can’t have on our own.

Family Stress

Family stress can come from parenting, children, death, divorce, marriage, finances, life transition, or any other life stressor. We can help you to narrow down what the family stressor is and begin the work to alleviate this stressor.

Grief and Loss

When a loved one passes away it can be difficult to know how to it will impact you and your family. We can help you through the stages of grief and loss. 

Military Families

Dealing with deployments, acclimating to changes, the pressures of combat, and seperation all take a toll on service members and their families. We provide confidential counseling and therapy services for you and your family.

Other Mental Health Issues

When other mental health issues are involved such as bipolar, borderline personality, depression, anxiety, and PTSD it can be difficult to know how to help as a family. In family counseling we can provide you with tools and strategies to help.


Parenting can be challenging. Kids don’t come with manuals. In our parenting counseling we can help with behavior issues, discipline, getting on the same page as parents, positive reinforcement, setting boundaries and expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Compass wants the therapy process to be as clear as possible. We want you know what to expect and feel comfortable throughout the entire process. Check out some of the frequently asked questions in the list below.

We are here to answer any question you have, give us a call at 360-558-7730.

Is there a difference between counseling and therapy?

The short answer is yes. Counseling is often short term and focuses on the identified problem. Once the problem is resolved counseling typically ends. Therapy is longer term and focuses on the individual or relationship. Therapy focuses on behavioral patterns and helps you to better understand your thoughts and patterns.

What should I expect when starting in counseling or therapy?

Your counseling or therapy experience is tailored specifically for you. We will work together to determine the best fit for you and your needs. The connection you make with your therapist or counselor is one of single most important aspects of the therapy and counseling process. We understand that finding the “right” therapist or counselor is a necessity not an option.

You can expect the first couple of sessions to be more information gathering. We will then work on determining your goals and establish a treatment plan to meet those goals. 


How do I get started in counseling or therapy?

Taking the first step in making a counseling appointment is hard. We know how important it is to answer you call.

Our front office staff are very knowledgeable and are available to answer most questions you might have about therapy and counseling.  We work to match you with the therapist or counselor that fits your needs and will meet you exactly where you are at.

To get started give us a call  at 360.558.7730, or email us at, to request an appointment time with one of our amazing therapists or counselors.


What makes your counselors and therapists different?

At Compass Whole Health each of our therapists and counselors have a specific expertise. When you call or email for an appointment, our front office staff will discuss with you the best counselor or therapist to fit your needs. We strive to make sure that your experience is the best one from your first point of contact.

Compass is dedicated to having only the best therapists and counselors in the Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA area. This translates into you having the best therapist and counselor. We have therapists who are currently licensed in Oregon and Washington. We offer in-person and telehealth (video) counseling and therapy services.

Do you accept insurance?

We do accept most major insurances for massage therapy, counseling, and therapy services. Please contact us today and will gladly check your insurance benefits to determine if you have a co-pay, deductible, or co-insurance. 

What are your hours?

Our set front office hours are Monday thru Thursday from 9-5. Our counselors, therapists, and coaches work by appointment only, and each provider sets their own schedule. To make an appointment or for additional information contact our office at (360) 558-7730.

Where are you located?

We are centrally located at 5115 NE 94th Ave, Suite D, Vancouver, WA 98662. This location is near Vancouver Mall and close to both 205 and I-5 freeways.

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