Family Counseling for Addiction

When a family member struggles with addiction it doens’t just affect the person with addiction. It affects everyone who has a relationship with the addict. In family counseling for addiction we will work with you the family. Our goal is to help you better understand how addiction works, give you a safe place to discuss your fears, worries, and stresses. We will work to repair the broken relationship to foster repair and closeness again. 

Family counseling can help you learn more about substance abuse and identify how each person in the family has both helpful and unhelpful behaviors. Current research suggests that when a person is struggling with substance abuse or addiciton they are more likely to recover with less relapse if their family is actively involved and participating in family counseling with them. Your family is to important to not do family counseling.

“Counseling helped us learn how to communicate about addiction with each other.”

You will benefit from family counseling for addiction if…

  • You want to learn about substance abuse and addiction.

  • You have a difficult time communicating with your loved one about addiction.

  • You want to focus on your families strenghts to find ways for your loved one to be successful.

  • Your children have been effected by being around a substance abuse user.

  • You’re not sure how to cope with addiction in your family.

It’s not uncommon for families to cope with addiction in unhealthy ways. The unhealthy behaviors can continue to foster addictive behaviors which can make recovery very difficult for your loved one and your family.

If you are ready to heal and recover as a family we can provide a safe therapeutic space for you to do this. We will help you experience a holistic approach to managing addiction in your family. Through increased connections and understanding you will learn that a life free of substance use and addiction can exist. Call today to get started.

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