Counseling for Athletic Injuries and Chronic Pain

Have you suffered through athletic Injuries, multiple surgeries, loss of quality of life that you are used to having, and debilitating pain? Compass counselors can assist you in managing all this loss, stress, pain, and trauma.
Physical injury and pain is often accompanied by emotional fear, vulnerability, and grief for what you’ve had to give up. It requires patience, hope, and trust to continue your long, difficult rehabilitation process. When physical healing becomes a longer and harder process than you’re initially told, the emotional/psychological component becomes even harder.
With any physical ailment, adding psychological counseling can often speed up your physical healing, as well as help reduce the secondary issues that can arise (financial stress, family stress, loss of identity in regards to physical strength and ability, and body confidence issues). Clients often find it helpful to just “have someone” to talk to about these medical traumas- because often the world around them does not understand how deeply it affects every part of their life.

“I didn’t think I would ever live a life free form pain, with the help of therapy I’m closer to feeling whole again.”

You will benefit from counseling if…..

  • Have ongoing pain issues that take away from your life

  • Have an injury that will not heal, despite medical intervention

  • Want to speed up your physical recovery

  • Want to prevent additional emotional and psychological stress alongside a lengthy recovery

Guided Imagery (GIM) is one technique that has been proven to speed up physical healing, as well as reduce the stress response/cortisol levels in your body. Many clients have images such as: Feeling strength in their bodies, Imagining cool or warm blood flow to their physical ailment to reduce pain, Seeing God or Angels helping them to recover, or Imagining doing their sport again and what it feels like in their body. These Guided Imagery techniques reduce cortisol, and release endorphins (the good brain chemicals that aid in healing). These psychological interventions can literally change the body’s response and reduce pain (or take it away completely), as well as help rehabilitation go much smoother and quicker for clients. Click here to learn more about GIM.
Along with Guided Imagery, Somatic (body) therapies and mindfulness techniques can assist clients to work through the many days of painful rehab or hours of sitting and waiting for physical healing to happen. Using these techniques gives clients a positive feeling because they are “doing something” amidst a period of time where physically they are very limited. This sense of empowerment often helps prevent depression or anxiety from developing during lengthy rehab processes. It is imperative to do these preventative psychological interventions to reduce all the symptoms of loss, depression, and anxiety, and to help hold onto hope.
We will help you experience a holistic approach to managing your pain. Through increased connections and understanding you will learn that a life free of pain and injury can exist. Call today to get started.

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