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Spiritual wellness is the culmination of our hearts, bodies, relationships, thoughts, faith, beliefs, and deepest desires. Spiritual health and growth can also be accompanied by spiritual suffering and adversity. When we go through events in our lives that are “soul injuries,” they can become spiritual crises. We can ask questions like: “Why is this happening to me?” or “Where is God (or a Higher Power) now?” These moments are often monumental in changing our life course direction. It is imperative to dive into these questions and listen to these higher callings for your life, joy, growth, change, trust, faith, and happiness. Your life compass can change dramatically when you commit to these dynamic, vulnerable steps of growth and change.

“My therapist didn’t push their spiritual agenda, they listened to what I wanted and needed.”

You will benefit from counseling if…..

  • If you’re facing a soul injury from trauma, a dramatic life change, or major loss

  • if you’re facing a spiritual crisis and are contemplating a major life course redirection

  • If you’re looking to build on spiritual wellness and tools to access your higher power/potential

Guided Imagery and Music:

Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) is often profoundly life-changing for patients. Using music helps clients to access their higher powers, and find spiritual images to help the see the suffering and growth in new light. Music is transformational and accesses all parts of the brain, utilizing a full body/neurological approach to have spiritual health. Many patients report having images of God, Angels, elders, family, mountains, oceans, bright and warm light in their body, and other meaningful and safe images. These images often help clients to feel more at ease with their suffering, as they know these higher powers are with them and/or speaking with them through the imagery/music process. Many people connect naturally with music (think of your favorite song that just gets you going!), and thus, it’s a natural, safe, and very effective form of spiritual healing that can get to the “heart of the matter.” Shannon Kroenke, LICSW, MT-BC, CYT-200 specializes in GIM.

Faith Based Counseling:

At Compass, the counselors are open and encouraging of your faith, beliefs, and values. We believe these parts can help aid in spiritual healing and health, and we love integrating spiritual work into sessions whenever clients prefer this method. Spiritual/Faith based counseling can be integrated in individual counseling as well as in family and couples counseling.

Somatic Yoga Therapy and Mindfulness:

Utilizing meditation, prayer, and mindfulness based practices can help clients slow down their minds and focus on their higher powers. These practices help clients to gain perspective on suffering, and create healthy feelings in the present moment. Focusing on these powerful, positive practices can dramatically alter your spiritual sense of self. Compass has many therapists who specialize in these techniques and can teach you how to integrate these practices into your life.

What is a soul injury? What is spiritual health?


A “soul injury” is a penetrating wound that feels crushing to our spirit, body, emotions, faith, thoughts, careers, relationships, financial stability, quality of life, or sense of self.  It feels like it has stolen a huge part of your life and has left you feeling empty, questioning, bargaining, and in despair.

Spiritual Health allows you to access your highest potential through your beliefs, values, and faith through spiritual counseling. Creating an environment in your body, mind, and spirit that is resonating with hope, trust, and a healthy perspective with past, current, and future life.


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