Counseling for Better Communication

Everyone at some point in their life has struggled with communication. This isn’t usually a subject taught in school. We often mimic the communication styles that we grew up with. this means that you might be a yeller, or you might shut down during an argument, you might even say hurtful things to someone you care about.

There are several different types of communication styles some are more effective than others. We will work together to figure out how you can communicate effectively and efficiently. When we are providing counseling to work on better communication we will work with you, your spouse or partner, and your family.

At Compass, we believe that poor communication doesn’t have to overpower your life, and together we can work through underlying issues and reach an end goal of connection and a more fulfilling life experience. Everyone can benefit from better communication.

“Learning ways to advocate our needs and wants dramatically decreased the conflict in our home.”

You will benefit from counseling for better communication if…

  • You aren’t sure how to talk about your wants and needs.

  • You have a difficult time relating to friends, family, kids, co-workers.

  • You’re not sure what to say or how to say certain things.

  • You feel angry or tense often and aren’t sure how to express it.

We will help you experience better communication in every area of your life. Through increased connections and understanding you will learn that you can have great communication skills. Call today to get started.

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