About Dee Messner

Certified Nutritional Health Coach in Vancouver, WA

Dee’s Specializations Include

  • Losing Weight
  • Having more energy
  • Get control and/or reverse chronic disease such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, headaches, and more
  • Eating healthier
  • Living you life to the fullest

You Deserve to Feel Great. I’m Here to Help.

Dee is a Certified Nutritional Health Coach who works with adults in the Vancouver, WA area. Dee got her nursing degree at Clark College and has been working as a nurse since 1994.  She is currently working as a nurse at the Peace Health Wound Clinic where she takes care of many patients with chronic disease’s.

Through out her nursing career she has seen time and time again how lifestyle choices affect your health either for the good or bad. Then she was given an amazing opportunity in January of 2019 to further her passion for nutrition by enrolling in IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) and there she received her certification as an integrative nutritional health coach. She is very excited to be teaming up with Compass Whole Health because they embody the belief of treating the WHOLE person. She is a big believer that food is medicine!


My Background

Prior to starting her nutritional health coaching business her journey in nutrition started in 2005 when her sons teacher told her she should look at medicating her son to help him to become more focused, Dee refused to do it!  So after the initial shock and tears that a teacher thought her son should be medicated, she started looking into other options such as nutrition, which a friend of hers had suggested, her friend had used nutrition with her kids that were on the spectrum. So Dee decided to put her whole family on an elimination diet and after a few days and some not so fun side affects (toxins leaving the body) low and behold her boys were less hyper, more focused, and her husband no longer needed his cholesterol medication, her fibromyalgia was gone, both Dee and her husband were nearly free from arthritis, and her husband begrudgingly admitted to having more energy.

Seeing this change in her family made her start looking at her patients that were on sometimes a dozen or more medications for diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, and other chronic diseases. She watched some of her patients who decided to changed their diet and slowly were able to decrease their medication or get rid of them all together and lose weight in the process. It again became evident to her that food is medicine!  This started her journey to helping others with their nutrition goals, lifestyle choices, and help change their lives to live life to their fullest.

My Approach & Philosophy

Dee helps her clients by guiding and coaching them in reaching their goals to a healthier lifestyle and healthier food choices, and when this is in collaboration with her clients physician the success of the clients reaching their goals to becoming healthier is much higher. This team collaboration helps them to lose weight, have more energy for the things her clients love to do, and this also in return can help with her clients chronic diseases such as type II diabetes, hypertension, fatigue, headaches, achy joints and many more.

Dee offers a free initial consultation visit, one on one coaching support or group sessions where her clients will also get the support of each other to help encourage each other on their journey to a healthier living, and if the client is interested Dee also offers pantry make overs and supermarket tours. Dee recognized the importance of having someone with you to support you and help you navigate the first time you are shopping healthfully at the grocery store.  The first time she stepped into a grocery store she walked in, walked around the store and then walked right back out thinking to herself “what am I doing?” Nothing looked normal. She wants to help support you in your transformative journey to no feel the same feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, and overwhelming choices that she felt walking into that grocery store. Are you ready for a change in your health, for the better?

To contact Dee please email her at deenutritionalhealthcoach@gmail.com


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