Counseling for Adult Children

Being a parent doesn’t stop when your child turns 18 or “becomes an adult.” As a parent you never really stop parenting. In our counseling for adult children we will work with you and your family to navigate your parent and adult child relationship.

Sometimes you need a little help learning how to deal with an empty nest, other times you might need ways to deal with not being “in control” of your child or their decisions anymore. No matter the issue we can help you navigate. 

“My counselor helped me see that I didn’t need to worry about my adult kid but that I could have a healthy adult relationship with them instead.”

You will benefit from counseling for adult children…

  • You struggle with what your role is with your adult child.

  • You continue to try and “parent” your adult child.

  • Your adult child is dependent on you.

  • You’re not sure what an adult parent and child relationship lookslike.

  • You’re struggling to communicate with your adult child in a constructive way.

If you are ready to get unstuck from your parent/child relatiolnship that isn’t working and you want to change how to communicate with your adult child we can help.

Through increased connections and understanding you will learn that a healthy and happy adult parent relationship can exist. Call today to get started.

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