Family Counseling for Mental Health 

When a family member has a mental health disorder it can be overwhelming for the entire family. Sometimes families don’t know how to handle the family members “sickness.”In our family counseling we will work with your family to provide education about the mental disorder, we will provide a safe and open space to talk freely with each other to find resolution on unresolved issues.

Often times family counseling can provide a space for everyone to ask questions about the disorder. This allows for everyone to get a better understanding for their loved one and what they are experiencing.

“We had no idea what we were dealing with but the therapist at Compass helped us save our family.”

You will benefit from family counseling if you have a loved one with a mental health disorder.

  • A family member experiences a severe mental health disorder.

  • Family member suffers from depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar, or borderline

  • Want knowledge and education about mental health disorders.

  • Your family is struggling to deal with a loved one.

  • You and your family want to resolve past resentments.

You are the single most influential person in your child’s life. You and your family deserve to be happy and have a healthy relationship.

We will help you experience a more positive family relationship. Through increased connections and understanding we will help you learn the tools you need to provide a stable and healthy support for your loved one. Call today to get started.

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