Individual Counseling

How Do I Know if Therapy is Right for Me?

At Compass we believe that counseling should be collaborative and interactive. We achieve this by creating a warm, welcoming, non-judgmental environment where you have the space to explore any area of your life that is limiting you from your full potential. This allows us to help guide you to greater healing, whole health and happiness.

When you feel like you can’t do it alone we are here for you. Sometimes you need to talk to someone when you feel like you cannot do it alone. There are times you need to talk to a professional even if you have advice offered by family or friends. You don’t have to struggle alone.Here at Compass we don’t want you to struggle alone, we want to help.

Individual therapy sessions can be a stand-alone service or can be used as a helpful compliment to family counseling or couples counseling.

In counseling we help can you….

  • Attain clarity regarding life roles and relationships
  • Gain assertiveness skills to verbalize your needs
  • Communicate clearly and affectively in all areas of your life
  • Understand and manage your feelings
  • Learn coping strategies
  • Find meaning, purpose, and hope for your life
  • Heal through past traumas
  • Increase a sense of peace and enjoyment in day-to-day life

Common Reasons You Should Seek Counseling

  • Improve Communication
  • Learn Conflict Management
  • Divorce
  • Successful in business, unsuccessful in relationships
  • Major Life Changes or Trauma
  • Feeling overwhelmed with life and work
  • Sensing loneliness or isolation
  • Noticing anxiety or stress
  • Experiencing relationship struggles
  • Having parent-child concerns
  • Struggling with low self-esteem

Why should I go to counseling?

Counseling offers individuals like yourself a safe, judgement free space to explore all areas of your life. Individual counseling is one of the strongest things a person can do for themselves. Counseling will give you a healthy and self-caring way to work on yourself. In our counseling at Compass Whole Health you will learn effective and realistic ways to handle your thoughts, feelings, relationships, home and work life. Together we can look at your challenges and work to make those changes.

Counseling can be a great space  to engage in a open discussion about past hurts, current problems, or issues you might have in your life. We consistently maintain a safe space for you to decompress and process past traumas.

In counseling you will begin to discover your true worth. We will work on you in session. Through discovering who you truly are, you will be able to know what you want and deserve in all areas of your life.

We have therapists and counselors with a variety of specialities and expertise.

It is extremely important to us that you find a therapist or counselor that is the perfect fit for you. We have a variety of professionals with an array of specialities and expertise.

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