About Jeff Prather

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in Vancouver, WA

Jeff’s Specializations Include

  • Adults
  • Depression, Shame, Self-Worth
  • Life Transitions
  • Older Adults/Geriatric Counseling
  • LGBTQ+/
  • Anxiety
  • Psychotic Disorders
  • Sexuality

You Deserve to Feel Great. I’m Here to Help.

Jeff Prather is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. He provides individual counseling for adults in the Vancouver, WA area.

 He especially enjoys working with older adults and individuals in life transitions. He has training and expertise in working with HIV/AIDS clients and the LGBT+ community.

My Background

People I meet often ask me if I find the work depressing and for the most part, I do not. (And yes, even therapists have “bad” days where things are difficult). But in the end, I enjoy helping people find better ways of living with and addressing their symptoms. I know that looking at skills such as managing feelings more effectively and learning how to cope better, ultimately we can all find hope. I also support the use of Western medications for those who benefit as well as complementary healing options from the East including massage, acupuncture, spiritual healing, and some of the herbal options used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. 

Another reason I enjoy my work is because I am constantly learning. When you work with people you need to understand the context for what happened and what factors influence their thoughts. So, I want to make sure I understand the culture, religion, sexual orientation, gender expression, and environment of how a person was raised as well as what trauma they may have experienced. The work we do in therapy often revolves around context and how adjustments might allow more individual freedom when that’s appropriate.

My Approach & Philosophy

Like many people, I got into the study of behavioral health issues and later, my work as a therapist, because of wanting to understand my own emerging mental health issues in my teens. I was fascinated by the brain and how it works. I also became aware of how little we actually know about the specifics of how the brain operates in terms of emotions. As medicine becomes more sophisticated, we are slowly learning more details about brain function. However, there is always the human part of the equation where our individual genetics and emotional resilience manages to compensate and prevail despite the odds. For me, my depression and anxiety are primarily biological in nature so as I matured those symptoms emerged. Through my own therapy and education I learned to live and thrive with my illnesses. Therapy, medications, self-care, changing how I think, and support were all key to this process and now I help others learn these tools.

Helping someone become healthier, empowered, stronger, and more independent is a great honor and privilege, one I experience every day in my work with clients. Finding a good fit in a therapist is important and I hope you will consider me as a partner in your very important life work.

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