Counseling for Family Members of Veterans & Military in Vancouver, WA

Family Members of Veterans & Military Service Members

Perhaps you have survived your loved ones leaving for a deployment- or possibly more than one deployment. These major transitions and deployments deeply affect all family members, and this adjustment and loss never come easy for families. There can be financial, relational, childcare, or other stresses of long distance relationships and possible PTSD after deployments that family members also have to endure. Sometimes the deployed soldiers come back and have a lot of difficulty with re-adjusting to their old family life; and vice versa. While the soldier was gone, the family still had to survive and created the necessary community and means to do so. When deployed soldiers come back this means that all parties have to readjust to many new things, as well as a large loss of family time together. The re-uniting period can come with feelings of loss, hurt, sadness, excitement, anger, gratitude, fear, unknowingness, or vulnerability.

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If you are a family member of a Veteran or Military Service Member you might benefit from therapy if you:

  • Are struggling emotionally to prepare for a deployment/during/post deployment

  • Feeling challenged to accommodate all the needs of your family without your other spouse available

  • Feeling stressed/anxious about your loved one’s safety during deployment

  • Grieving the loss of your deployed loved one; even if they are alive and doing well on deployment

  • Struggling with communication in your family around these issues with readjusting

  • Are dealing with subsequent PTSD/substance use/violence issues within the family as a result of the deployment

Therapy for Military Families

Counseling can help families of deployed soldiers by supporting them through these difficult transitions, stressors, and losses. In addition, our counselors can help the family to reunite in a way that is even stronger than pre-deployment.

At Compass, Shannon Kroenke LICSW, MT-BC, CYT-200 has served 16 years in the National Guard and is passionate about reunification of families after deployments. With her military background, many soldiers and families of soldiers feel more comfortable talking, as she understands military culture and some of these specific obstacles.

For more information on Trauma Therapies such as Brainspotting, Somatic Experiencing, or Guided Imagery and Music, you can click on those individual web pages on the Compass Whole Health Website.

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