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Counseling for Infidelity & Affairs

Few experiences can be as painful or cut as deeply as the betrayal and trauma of infidelity. As challenging as it may seem, healing is possible. According to couples therapists, infidelity is the second most damaging relationship problem, surpassed only by domestic violence.

The revelation of an affair (whether emotional, sexual or both) can be traumatic, and the early stages of the couple’s recovery journey is usually marked by extreme feelings of anger, loss, betrayal and guilt, as well as disorientation and mistrust regarding the future of the marriage or partnership.

If your relationship has experienced infidelity or an affair, there is hope. With the support and guidance of this particular type of couples counseling, you and your partner can learn to:

  • Realign personal and relationship boundaries
  • Identify the individual, relationship and socio-cultural vulnerabilities that helped make the affair possible
  • Understand the meaning of the infidelity to both partners, and move toward reparation and forgiveness
  • Rebuild trust in each other and in the relationship

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Healing & Recovery from Infidelity or an Affair

Healing from an affair happens gradually, and in stages. It takes time. But with hard work, you and your partner can fully grieve the loss of the original relationship and begin to build a second, stronger one characterized by vitality, intimacy and trust.

Through our Affair & Infidelity Recovery  Counseling Services, we’ll guide you and your partner to greater well-being within yourselves and your relationship.

We’ll assess your struggles and capabilities together, helping you to learn the skills and techniques you need to foster and re-establish trust, safety, and commitment in your relationship. You’ll learn to cultivate the clarity and inner strength you need to once again engage in deep, loving partnership.

Contact us today if you and your partner are experiencing the aftermath of an affair and feel couples counseling could help you begin the journey toward healing. We look forward to working with you.

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