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Individual Counseling for Major Life Transitions in the Vancouver, Wa – Portland Metro area

Are You Struggling with a Major Life Transition?

Significant life changes or transitions can be difficult for all of us. A change like divorce, the death of a loved one, unemployment or a major injury or illness can cause overwhelming feelings of loss and grief. Even a positive change like getting married, having your first child or starting your dream career can be extremely stressful.

One of the things you can count on in life is that everything is constantly changing and we will be faced with various life transitions throughout. Many people struggle to navigate change. It’s normal to worry about the changes, how to behave in a new environment or the pressure of performing well in a new role.

When faced with new responsibilities, many people feel like they won’t meet the expectations and worry that their contributions won’t be good enough. Undergoing a major life transition can be incredibly difficult. Trying to navigate a new relationship, place, job or routine can be uncomfortable and isolating.

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Help During Difficult Times

Finding your footing in changing times can be difficult. It can be beneficial to have the help of someone who can provide you with unconditional support, an objective perspective and maybe even help you figure out the more practical side of things.

Counseling can provide all of this and more. In a safe, nonjudgmental setting, you will find a space where you can express your thoughts and feelings freely, explore alternatives and learn new ways for relating to the changing landscape of your life. An experienced compassionate therapist can help you work through difficult feelings, and find effective solutions to challenges.

Everyone handles change differently, which is why we tailor our sessions and the direction of our work to best address and support your unique situation, history, personality, needs and therapy goals. We believe in identifying and building on strengths, and we can help you think about your new circumstances in a more positive way. We can also provide you with tips and techniques that you can use to calm yourself down in stressful situations.

  Life Transitions that can be Difficult

  • Marriage

  • Starting a Family

  • Death of a Close Family Member or Friend

  • Divorce

  • Career Change

  • Mid-Life “Crisis”

  • Empty Nest

  • Retirement

  • Major Injury or Illness

  • Loss or Change in Employment

 Moving Forward

Moving forward doesn’t have to mean moving on. Whatever your challenges, you will find the help and support you need at Compass Whole Health. Working with our experienced counselors is not a one-time fix, but part of the life-long process of reaching your fullest potential, no matter what your challenges.

If you are facing a major life transition—or even a minor one—feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment and discuss how we can help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

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