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Counseling for Somatic (Body) Experiencing & Yoga Therapy in Vancouver, WA

Somatic (Body) Experiencing & Yoga Therapy

Somatic therapies help alleviate emotions stuck in the body (such as stomach tension with anxiety), build confidence in the body, and process physical trauma stored in the body.

Our counselor Shannon Kroenke has completed trainings in Somatic Experiencing and Somatic Yoga Therapy. These Somatic approaches are for ALL BODY TYPES. Shannon likes to reiterate this, because body/yoga therapy is not just for the traditional, young, thin American ‘yogi.’ Somatic approaches can be done sitting and using Guided Imagery approaches to go into the body and change your relationship with your body. It doesn’t even have to entail any physical movement. Somatic therapy means getting in touch with the physiology of your body through mindfulness, guided imagery, breathing techniques, and very gentle chair yoga exercises that change how you feel in your body in the NOW (regardless of body size or trauma).
Compass Whole Health is passionate about bringing gentle yoga and somatics to ALL people and body types- with chronic pain or illness, athletic injury, trauma, or physical disability. Shannon is trained in approaches that are gentle, easy, and accommodating for every client. She is also dually trained in trauma-sensitive approaches.

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You May Benefit from Somatic Body Experiencing or Yoga Therapy if You:

  • Are going through physical injury and pain

  • Have a chronic illness

  • Suffered trauma in the body

  • Feel emotions in your body such as stomach tension, heart palpations, or difficulty breathing due to anxiety or depression

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