About Crystal Monaghan

Licensed Massage Therapist in Vancouver, WA

Crystal’s Specializations Include

  • Physical Therapeutic Massage
  • Trigger Point Massage
  • Massage for Chronic Pain
  • Emotional Management
  • Gua Sha

You Deserve to Feel Great. I’m Here to Help.

Crystal has been a licensed massage therapist since 2007, here in Vancouver, WA. She received her massage certification from Ashmead College and education from over 14 years on the job. While specializing in physical therapeutic massage, she has furthered her education in Gua Sha (a scraping technique that helps release connective tissue),

My Background

Crystal is married, a mom of two little ones and is a lifelong type one juvenile diabetic warrior for over 28 years, on insulin pump therapy with a continuous closed-loop glucose monitoring system. She understands the struggle of chronic pain and emotional management firsthand while trying to live life.

In 2004-05 she was struggling terribly with severe physical anxiety with no avail on prescribed medication only making the problem worse. Her naturopathic doctor suggested she take advantage of her massage benefit through her private insurance provider. She agreed and scheduled one massage a week for six weeks. After committing to consistent massage at the end of the six weeks, she was amazed at the improvement not just in her physical wellbeing but her mental and emotional state as well.

As She researched more, she realized massage therapy could be the perfect fit for her, marrying her fascination with how the body works and wanting to help others with pain relief. Ever since she put herself through school and licensing, she has always had a passion to help people feel better through this work.


My Approach & Philosophy

Crystal wants to make sure that every client knows that this is their session and wants them to get whatever benefit out of the session they need. They are in full control of the massage session within professional boundaries including the music, how dark the room is, what areas of the body are OK to massage, and how much pressure is used. Ensuring the client is comfortable and feels secure with the draping/covering of the sheets and blanket, knowing they will be covered the entire session. Clients also need to know they can stop a massage session at any time. She has worked with many clients with PTSD or anxiety disorders over the years and will make every effort to ensure the client is comfortable and feels safe enough to give her feedback (too much pressure, too loud, too hot, too cold, too bright) and is extra aware of anything that might trigger a flashback or response, such as specific smells, certain conversations, loud noises or even some kinds of touch.

‘You can’t over communicate with me, I’m a good massage therapist but a really bad mind reader! Please tell me whatever I can do to make your session a success” – Crystal Monaghan LMP

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